Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beautique Lip Crayon

Anybody that's read a couple of my blogs recently will know that I'm in the middle of a Makeup Renaissance.  I was in pretty much an eleven-year makeup rut that consisted of a five-minute routine where I quickly slapped on powder, mascara, and lipstick before running out the door.  I've been changing that the past month and have been enjoying plenty of compliments for my efforts.

Well, I was in Sally Beauty Supply yesterday and decided to buy one of those "impulse" items at the cash register.  It was a lip crayon by a no-name company called Beautique.  I figured for a $1.79 ($1.99 without a membership card) I couldn't go wrong.

I chose Iced Pink because I'm into lighter colors as I'm getting older and thought it would be a nude color, and it is but with a hint of pink.  The color stays on quite a while, and it has a moisturizing feel to it.  Looking at the picture below, you can see it has shimmer to it.  Pop a bit of gloss on top and it really shines!

Bottom Line:  I must say that I LOVE this lip crayon and will be scooting over to Sally Beauty Supply to pick up a few more such as Mocha Frost!

Talk about a small step at a low price!  

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