Thursday, June 28, 2012

Concrete Patio Floor Facelift How to Project -- from Drab to Dramatic!

Drab. Drab. Drab.  That's the only word I used to use when I thought about the concrete patio flooring on our front and back porches.

Before picture -- as if you couldn't tell.

However, we were finishing up our goal of becoming debt free and didn't have excess money to spend on expensive improvements.  So . . . I had to be very creative, something I wasn't sure I could be when it came to eradicating the drabness of these floors on a budget by myself.

After "googling" (I just love how that name has become a verb) how to paint/stain a concrete floor, I ventured out to Home Depot for cleaning supplies, concrete stain, brushes, painter's tape, etc.  I ended up skipping the etching process as part of the prep work because I felt our concrete was "rough" enough to take the stain.

Here's a video I posted about it on YouTube:

I'm so pleased with the results even two years later.  We use this space constantly in the spring, summer (well, in the mornings and evenings when it's not too hot), and fall.

After picture -- dramatic indeed!  :)