Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chowing Down on Chick Peas

I have one thing to say:  Chick peas ROCK!    Chick peas were really something I don't believe I've ever eaten before, but I discovered them through a friend of mine last year.  She was actually getting my husband to eat hummus (okay, it was really spicy hummus and it was slathered on top of Wheat Thins).  Anyway, I figured chick peas must be pretty magical if my husband was eating them . . . and they were! Once I tried them, I couldn't stop.

Nowadays I'm all about trying out different chick pea recipes or making my own dishes.  A friend of mine whose blog I follow told me about an entree at a restaurant she ate at recently, and it inspired me to do something similar.

These little chick peas are on their  way to another  recipe hit dish!
All I did was saute a can of rinsed chick peas in olive oil with spinach (I do wish I had baby spinach leaves on hand), grape tomatoes, garlic powder, and red pepper flakes.  The only measurement I used was the can of chick peas.  Everything else was strictly done by eyeballing it.   Jeez, I sound like such a pro!  LOL

When I was putting some in a dish to eat for lunch that day, I added some shredded Swiss cheese on top.  OMG, it was delish!!  

If you give it a try, please let me know how you like it -- or better yet, let me know if you add something to it!  Enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks -- it really was delish and super easy to make. I made it twice now. Yum! Yum! Yum!

  2. So easy and delicious! I think I might try it with sundried tomatoes too!

    1. Oooh, yeah -- and the shredded Swiss cheese really topped it off! Oh, and I added cubed chicken the first time I made it. That was a good addition, too.