Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Sometimes the small step you take each day needs to be not only for yourself, but for others.  In this case, to help celebrate a good friend's birthday.  Hey, I didn't say they had to be hard-to-do steps!  :D

I had the best time tonight hanging out with wonderful friends to celebrate my friend Lisa's upcoming 50th birthday.  She chose a newer restaurant The French Market in a nearby town.

The French Market in Locust Grove, Georgia

Lisa lookin' all of 35 years old!

The French Market was such a neat restaurant with a great menu, great bar, great atmosphere, and great service.  It was bustling with patrons, which is a sure sign of its success, and they also had live music.  I also had my first ever fried spinach.  Yes, you heard (or rather read) right -- fried spinach with parmesan cheese and balsamic reduction.  OMG -- it was scrumptious and practically melted in my mouth!  For the main course, I had a very tasty, not too mention SPICY, dish of Cajun shrimp and andouille sausage pasta.  I'm glad they had plenty of chilled water on hand!  And, finally, I chose to go with a liquid dessert this evening:  coffee with liqueur -- and they gave me plenty of it!  

They even had a great store with a French country flair.  Double W00T!

So, so pretty!

Neat make-your-own charm bracelets or necklaces!

Talk about a conversation piece!  :)

Now this is the kind of small step I like taking each day -- thinking of and being with others!

Photography:  I used my iPhone and the Instagram photo app for all pictures with the exception of the first one where I also used the Pixlrmatic photo app.


  1. I can't wait to try this place! We have so few "non-chain" dining options on this side of town! (Although I really Do like PAsta Max in the Square.) Looks like a good time!

    1. I totally agree -- we need more options! And, yes, it was a great evening out with good friends! :)

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