Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Small Steps Daily?

Well, I figure if I sort my thoughts out in this blog format, it would help me . . . and maybe anyone else who reads them, too.  I am like anyone else.  I have a family, a career, a household, and a myriad of interests (see my bio) to keep me occupied.  I do too much and don't know how to have down time.  Take tonight, for instance.  My husband has taken our kids to visit with his dad for two nights.  What am I doing?  I wasted half my time halfway doing chores like washing the sheets, staying away from a deliciously decadent dessert I made last night for a block party, and floating back and forth between Facebook and Twitter.  Oh, and I took a nap.  I mean, really.  I couldn't think of anything better to do!

Anyway, I do have some major areas of my life that need attending:

  • My Personal Finances:  My husband and I are strong believers in being debt free.
  • My health:  I do my best to eat well.  Also, I hit 40 a few years back and am determined to look like I'm in my 30's (or younger).  :)
  • My family:  I mean both my kids and my aging parents.  Talk about two ends of the spectrum!
  • My house:  I am constantly trying to decorate, to maintain, and beautify this place I call home.
  • My hobbies:  I love to read, craft . . . well, just look at my bio.  :)
  • My career:  I am a 21-year veteran in my field and have started grad school recently.
  • My spirituality:  I am always on a pathway . . . 
So, anyhoo, these are the topics you may very well find on this blog!  It may sound like a lot, but then again, it's about taking small steps daily!


  1. What a wonderful premise! I'm with you here. When I originally started Y3B (o.k.a. Yogizilla's Blankity Blank-Blank) it was mainly a place for me to "think out loud" and help others that may be struggling with the very same things. It's still that yet so much more!

    One thing I've learned is that control is an illusion. We can only hope to take small steps each and every day to get to where we want to be. Don't let it overwhelm and consume you, I say.

    I know you're just starting out but you have a fan already right here - keep up the great work! You may also enjoy my latest project over at and I'm thinking your blog would be a great addition to our humble little network.

    See in cyberspace, Stephanie! 8)

  2. Gosh, what a nice comment, Yomar! Thank you very much -- I feel ten feet tall (which is saying something as I'm only 5'2"). :)

    I'll check out your project soon!

    "Control is an illusion." #verytrue...

  3. Well, it may be a bit off-topic, but being short has it's advantages. As a rather tall person, the back and knee problems are no fun. I have to keep at it with the physical therapy and conditioning or else I start to feel my age. Haha

    Glad you like that quote. I really dig quotes and, if you ever come across any, feel free to e-mail me them. We have a little area dedicated to quotes on my latest blog, "The Practical Life".

    Speaking of which, come visit us when you get a chance and the door is open if you have anything you'd like to blog about that you feel is a good fit. We have a page up now that breaks down the vision for the site. Hopefully, it drives key points home! 8)